We have a lack of inventory in our real estate market these days. We currently have 40% fewer homes available for sale than we did at this same time last year. Sellers, it’s all about you right now: Your home will likely sell within a week or two, you’ll get top dollar, and you get to choose the buyer you want for your home. It’s an excellent time to sell a house. 

However, all these advantages for sellers pose difficulties for buyers. We use a couple of tools to ensure we make real estate simple for you:

1. Zenlist. It’s a very user-friendly interface that makes the MLS much easier to use so you can find homes with the parameters you set, save your searches, and most importantly, find homes that aren’t on the market yet. That’s a massive advantage over the other retail sites we all know about that many people use. We’ve found that Zenlist is the truest representation of available homes.

“We currently have 40% fewer homes available for sale than we did at this same time last year.”

2. Top agent network. This is only available to the top 10% of real estate agents in the market. The network provides private listings that have not gone on the market yet that are being shared by our network of agents who trust each other, want to bring value to each other, and want the right targeted buyers visiting these homes. Typically we’re told about these homes through an email, and we have more coming in all the time. Both we and buyers love it because we’re bringing them more value and options. This network gives us an edge over the competition. 

It’s real estate made simple! If you’re a buyer experiencing roadblocks in our market, it would be our pleasure to serve you. Contact us via phone or email if you’re considering buying or have any questions. Also, thank you for your feedback on our previous videos!