Our three core values as a team are financial stability, collaboration, and community. Last time, we focused on financial stability. In this week’s blog, we’re shifting that focus to collaboration and why it’s the essence that brings our concierge service to our home seller clients.

The first thing we collaborate on with our clients is staging. Our staging team comes in, assesses a property, and makes recommendations to raise the perceived value of the home. We want to prevent our clients from assuming what buyers want and getting a bad return on their investments as a result.

“We try to add as much value as possible to our seller clients.”

Next, we collaborate with our cleaning team. On Purpose Cleaning and Ebony do virtual tours for our clients before and after cleaning. She’s focused and explains to our clients what she’s doing and what they can learn for their next home. We recently brought her into a seller’s home that was out of control, and we thought we’d have to replace the bathtub. She got in there, cleaned it up, and we ended up getting $20,000 over our asking price without having to replace the bathtub.

Finally, we collaborate with our photography team to capture your home in its best light. The whole goal is to get the most possible eyes on a listing, and 95% of buyers are using the internet these days. We help homes sparkle with twilight photos, virtual floor plans, virtual tours, and drone photography.

We try to add as much value as possible to our home seller clients. That’s real estate made simple. If you have any questions for us about what you can do specifically in your home to increase its value before selling, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.