Today on “Real Estate Made Simple,” we’re excited to share something with our community that we learned from a recent dinner with a friend and commercial real estate broker. It’s a concept that we’ve heard before, but when we spoke about it, it resonated with us on a whole new level. Rob was telling us about how this year was his best year yet in terms of business. When we asked him what he attributes that fact to, he said the one thing that made the difference is that at the end of every day, he makes one extra prospecting call.

When you think about it, that doesn’t sound like a big deal; at the end of the week, you’ve only made five extra calls. However, if you add that up for the month, that’s 20 extra calls. That gives you a slight edge over time, and it’s a great way to build your business.

“Doing a little extra every day or week can add up over time.”

We’re very intentional about trying to bring what we learn in our business into our personal lives and vice versa. Rob’s way of thinking could make an impact on our personal lives as well. It could mean doing one extra Peloton ride each week, spending 15 more minutes with the kids each morning, drinking one extra glass of water every day, or taking five more minutes to meditate. Here at the Suburban Team, we enjoy the concepts that make life simpler, which is ultimately what we want to do for the real estate process. 

If you have any questions about other ways you can do that, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. We’d love to help you.