Here’s why people choose to sell with our team and what we do for them.

Feedback is our breakfast of champions, so today we’re sharing a recent client story and why they elected to work with us. These clients interviewed other real estate agents and even considered listing on their own, but they ultimately chose to work with our team. When we asked them why they picked us, they said it was because of our education, data, and intentionality.

Education. The goal of our listing consultations is to provide value and give the seller information they’ll benefit from having, regardless of who they decide to work with—we acknowledge that the seller has options. 

“They had confidence in our recommendation because we let the data tell the story.”

Data. Both our listing approach and our We-Buy-Your-Home-for-Cash strategy are based on data, not our emotions. We use data to tell a story and provide transparency to sellers. Our data goes beyond the common market analysis; we incorporate the larger market trends including pricing, housing inventory levels, and market times. 

Intentionality. Our seven-step process to sell your home has been applied with success and is proved by our almost 150 five-star Yelp reviews. The result is clients selling their properties for tens of thousands of dollars more than other agents recommended or what they would have if they’d listed on their own. They had confidence in our recommendation because we let the data tell the story, not only looking at the comparable data but the overall trends in the current market.

To finish our story from earlier, we ended up in a multiple-offer situation and sold the home for list price within two weeks of listing. It was an epic win! 

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you. So if you have any questions about selling your house or the real estate market, call or email us. We would love to help in any way we can.